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Raymond OpokuRaymond Opoku – official name- is a Ghanaian student,  Social Entrepreneur, speechwriter, blogger, photographer, event MC, an economic policy enthusiast and Data Analyst.

He is a volunteer editor on Ghanaian content for Wikipedia and a member of Wikipedia ERP  Ghana. He volunteers for World Merit Ghana and TeoG Ghana. He graduated from the University of Cape Coast in 2014 near the top of his class with a CGPA of 3.8 out of 4.0 majoring in Economics.

“Writing is my joy, communication is my passion. I delight in putting words together in a way that makes people learn or laugh or both. “

A two-time recipient of the prestigious Dean’s Award for Excellent Academic Performance.

He Attended Nungua Senior High School from 2006 to 2009 from where he earns the title of a “Proud Ablade”.

He’s a recent graduate of South Dakota State University where he earned an MSc. in Economics and an MSc. in Data Science on a full ride and served as the President of the Economics Graduate Student Association (EGSA).

Ray has a passion for photography and the arts. He currently host the Ray On Radio Podcast. A show of indefinite length where the host – Ray, discusses relationships, life, Godliness and everything in between and take you on his life’s journey captured in real time.


Connect with him via twitter.  @RayOpk or leave a note below.


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