It takes a village to raise a college kid.

A little act of kindness will go a long way. So this happened…2 years ago ( I know right!).

December 18, 2016, school had gone down for the winter break and so there wasn’t much to do except visiting friends and their families and making Christmas plans. It was -15 degrees out  but since it was my second winter I knew how to work around it. That night I borrowed my friend’s car and I took two colleague out to the movies. For some reason, I failed to manually turn off the cars headlights before going into the theatre because I thought it was one of those automatic cars.

When the movie “Office Christmas Party” was over , the car won’t start because the battery had died. It was -27 degrees outside this time. While I kept thinking of what to do, an elderly couple walked to our car and said to me “ Gentleman, you forgot to turn of your lights”. This was when I knew I had messed up!.  “Oh my God !”, I wasn’t properly layered and dressed up and had to jump-start my battery. It was freezing out, yet this couple stood by me and kept asking everybody in the parking lot if they had portable battery jumpers. His wife gave me an extra jacket to wear.  There were 3 other couple who came around with portable batteries jumpers but my car wouldn’t start. After 45mins, a gentleman pulled over and brought a bigger jump starter, and lo! my car started. He asked me to leave the engine running for about 45mins.

I felt so relieved and thankful to the first elderly man and his wife who didn’t have to help but so gladly did. The random act of kindness by these strangers will never be forgotten. He mention that he was a retired teacher at the college and just when I wanted to take a selfie with him and his wife, my phone died since I’d been using the torchlight the entire time. I couldn’t have thanked them and everybody else who came to our rescue that night out in the parking lot enough. Before they left, he said “it true what they say, it takes a village to raise a college kid”.

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