10 Signs She’s Just Not Into You

Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars, well that’s what they say, so it’s little wonder we have trouble understanding each other. Ever been in a situation where you’re unsure if she likes you? Or whether or not she’s completely out of your league? Well, hopefully these 10 Signs that she’s not into you will give you at least a small helping hand in knowing.

Here’s to not looking like a creep!

10. Not responding to your calls/texts


I guess you could say this one is quite obvious, or is she really that busy? Most of us have our phones on us a lot of the time, and if you’ve sent her numerous messages, especially messages asking questions, and you’ve heard nothing, it’s time to take the hint. What she’s really saying is basically “I’m too nice to tell you to leave me alone”. It might seem harsh, and you may even be a little mad that she’s ignoring you, but don’t be, move on and find someone who is responding to you.

Rather this approach than be told some harsh home truths, right?

9. Avoids answering direct questions

So, she’s replying to you, that’s good right? Well, maybe… but it depends on what she’s saying in her replies. Most of us feel bad for ignoring other people, and out of politeness will try and keep a conversation going, but sometimes it literally is only out of politeness. If you’re asking a girl on a date and she responds but either skirts around the issue or changes the subject completely, then it may be time to think what she’s really trying to say is, “I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but I don’t wanna do anything with you either”

8. Says she’s staying home, then is tagged somewhere else

So you’re asking her if she wants to hang out, or go watch a movie etc, and she tells you she’s either busy or stopping home… Fair enough, right? Well, what about when she’s lied and is either photographed elsewhere with other people, or even worse, tags herself on Facebook/Twitter etc out doing something else. Now, I’m not saying a girl doesn’t have the right to do this, but I guess it’d be frustrating for the guy. If a girl does do this, all she’s really saying to you is “I’d rather be doing something else”.

Time to move on!

7. Saying she’s always busy

In this 9-5, always on the go, connected to our emails lifestyle, a lot of us are genuinely busy. In the dating world, it’s very difficult to get to grips with what people want, however, if someone is interested in you, they will make time eventually. If, in this instance, you are talking to a lady and invite her to do things, and she constantly tells you she is busy, then it’s perhaps time to pull away from this one, as she may be just saying she’s busy as an excuse to not do things with you, and with that, also saying she’s not interested.

Remember, you can be busy and still make time for people you WANT to see.

6. Saying she needs to work on herself


Whilst we are all clamouring for self improvement, this cliche phrase could just be a lady’s way of telling you she’d rather be single than go on dates etc with you. I guess you shouldn’t really take this too personally, as a girl will generally instinctively know whether or not she likes you almost immediately, but it’s still a rather sour way of being told that you’re not her type. The types of girls who say things to this effect are usually the ones who are searching for something specific, or someone to help them stop “looking for/improving themselves”

Plenty more fish in the sea! just saying

5. She gets with someone else

Probably the most obvious on the list, but it’s always a sucker punch when someone you’ve been texting/talking to suddenly gets with someone else seemingly out of the blue. Again, this could boil down to politeness, not wanting to tell you straight or whatever, but over here we prefer honesty! Once again, don’t take this too much to heart, it just wasn’t meant to be, though it doesn’t change the fact that it still kinda hurts!

Saying she’s with someone else but still being single is another possibility, and another way of her turning you down without actually being straight up about it.

4. Telling you that you deserve someone better

Ever had a girl say this to you? Sure it may seem like a cop-out, and it more than likely is, because as we’ve said time and again, some girls won’t want to face telling you the straight up facts. Deserving someone better in her eyes just means she’s not interested. End of story. But hey, don’t beat yourself up, as she’s probably doing you a favour in the long run. You probably do deserve something and someone better!

3. “Messages read at..”


This is up there with the girls ignoring you piece, but in some ways it is way, way worse. When she is blatantly reading each message you send, even those asking specific questions, and all she is doing is reading them and not replying, even though she is active on her social media, tagging herself or making status updates etc, then it’s time to just let this girl go as quickly as possible. It may be a sucker punch to see “message read” and not get a single reply, but in the long run, you’re gonna want someone who will reply and who does make time for you.

2. Saying she’s not interested now, but maybe in the future


This one is simply just a girl keeping you around to offer her some sort of ego boost for whenever she is feeling low. If you’ve heard a girl say this, then my advice to you is to keep well clear and get out of her life as quick as you can, because it’ll only end in tears. These sort of behaviors are to lead a guy on, and not because she wants to get with you, it’s to simply keep you around so she’s not feeling entirely lost or alone, especially when a guy she is interested in either ignores her or doesn’t give her what she wants.

As soon as you hear this, run a mile!

1. “I just don’t see you that way”


Possibly one of the most cringiest and heartbreaking things to ever hear from a girl, but also, probably the most honest! Yes, being friendzoned isn’t all that great, especially when you had a “spark” or seemingly mutual feelings, but being told that a girl doesn’t see you that way is her telling you that, sure, she likes you, but only as a friend! The plus side to this though is that, providing you’re mature enough, you can still maintain a good solid friendship with her, and not lose out on the stuff you used to do.

And if you do remain friends, try not to go on about feelings or anything, it would only drive her away and then she’s gone for good.

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