Finally !!!!


I titled this “finally ” because yes!! finally, the seemingly un-ending first semester comes to an end. What goes up, they say, must come down and I will add that ” what goes down must certainly come up.


I arrived here at South Dakota State University on Friday 28 day of August 2015.  I arrived at the Sioux Falls regional airport at about 9 pm to a very cold night- at least compared to my very temperate motherland Ghana. After waiting at the arrival hall for about 45minutes, Smart, Sarah and Godwin showed up to welcome me with the words ” Welcome to America the land of opportunities”. As we drove to Brookings city, the guys were so excited about my arrival amidst grooving to current hip-life tracks and reminiscing about Ghana. I arrived very hungry after 17hours of flight from Dubai through JKF in New York and O’Hare in Chicago and my first meal on American soil after refusing to eat the unpalatable meal served me on the Emirates was a huge burger ( big Mac I suppose ) at MacDonalds. I really liked it though because it was nothing like mashed meals I was served in flight. I lodged that night in Smart’s apartment popularly called the Ghana House.

The next day, Godwin, Smart and I went for my first grocery shopping at Walmart and returned to cook some meal. Sunday was the church and I followed the girls to The Holy Life Tabernacle – a family I have since been part -and met very wonderful people.

The weekend is over and Monday was here with its classes in full swing. Apparently I had some issues with my visa processing, so I arrived a week into resumption. Orientation was long over and lectures had taken off. It was like a trying to manoeuvre your way through a densely populated Accra with confusion and frustration of not knowing where to go and what to do. Smart became my tour guide and graciously took me the office of international student affairs and other offices. A some point she had to go for class, but since I didn’t want to be alone, like the lamb and Mary, I followed her to class.

After registration and getting all my stuff together, I start class that very second week. My first was Advance Microeconomics, followed by Econometrics and Risk Management. These were not much easy and simple because I had to join a moving wagon. As the weeks went by, I caught up with most of the stuff and settled in nicely in the first two classes. The third was a big challenge but hey! a man gotta do what a man gotta do right? I held on till the end. One terrible experience was my laptop unbelievably turning off in the middle of the Risk finals only to automatically turn back on  6 minutes to stop work!!! imagine the feeling …

My class experience wouldn’t have been more interesting without the wonderful people I have encountered. Chad Te Slaa is an American smart student and has a really cool persona. He is the man!!

Nazia Azim, with whom I share an office space, I another fantastic brilliant young woman from Bangladesh. She always will say “I’m so scared” lol

Kuldeyeva Zhadyra from Kazakhstan is the most interesting member of the class. At least in my opinion. At group discussions, she brings on a great blend of humour and  academic scholarship.  Jd as we call her came with the phrase ” I’m sleepy” and will laugh at Nazia anytime she dozed off in class.

My professors cannot be left out of my Fall 2015. Dr. Zimmerman had Advanced Macro with a sense of professionalism and humor. He is one great teacher. Dr. Davis will be the most interesting professor who knew when and how to make us laugh. Oh ! I enjoyed Dr. Davis class particularly the ” Random Walk” yeah!!. I came across Dr. Fausti, as the ever-smiling professor who loved to talk about his niece. His class was an eye opener into stocks, portfolio, investment and everything in between.
I almost forgot, Godwin and Smart’s birthday parties, which were fun moments. I had time to go bowling with my Indian friend Anyesha. I volunteered at the Newsboys God’s not Dead concert too.

Now we await Spring 2016 and by faith I see, that will be smoother and better than  Fall 2015!!! Until then, we soldier on!


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