A Letter to Love

“THOUGHTS OF MY HEART As I Celebrate This Special DAY in Solemn Recall of The BLESSING TO MY LIFE 💌

👍I am very happy😃 to celebrate this special day with you. We may be worlds apart but hearts aclose (lol).
It has been four months and a day, technically since June 26th that our paths crossed.

✌To me it has been a worthwhile journey and I thank the LORD always for bringing a healthy, beautiful, intelligent, and munificent cute, sweet, all-smiles 😄 Sandra into my life.

2⃣6⃣It was a Friday evening filled with bliss as I rushed 🏃from Accra to celebrate the day for a friend. Little did I know there was a mouse trap 🚷in her room for me to step on. Hehehehe. In my usual self, I wont even bother asking a stranger a question; not at all. I guess those were still remnants of my shy attitude from high school. But the peer pressure of life on campus had thought me how to start a conversation. So I gathered the courage to move forward with a discussion after your friend had made the introduction.

😇After seeing you were fixated with the person you were chatting on WhatsApp and the packed food you were eating uninterestingly🙊, I took the boldest courage to say to Elsie “Your friend is shy paa oo🙈!”. Then I followed it up with a question at you “Madam, are you shy of me?” I hope you remember! And you swiftly replied “Oh naaa.” Then the rest became history that day as we got to know each other’s background. The night was fun when you laid behind me when Elsie was responding to questions on the hot seat and I kept making references at you and you tapped my back with your toe to express a delightful displeasure at some things I wanted to reveal 😂 from our earlier conversation. But I was really surprised at your level of confidence in response to some personal relationship 💓questions even though that was your first time meeting us. 🆕 but 🆒 and 🆓. That gave me a lot of respect for you. ✅

👊And guess who was the topic for discussion as pretentious Ray and I left early for our room? Yeah, you guessed right. It was the new girl Sekyiwaah! 👈YOU. The amazing the face to face 👫 chats we had the following evening both at my end and your end was awesome 👍. And I was happy when you came up to me 💃 the Saturday morning to give me your digits. I’m sorry for not taking it before 😕. But the truth is I would have let this wonderful few moons ⚪ pass without having known you. Because my usual self would not have the courage to ask for a girl’s number that soon. I take time to study people and take a bold step. That’s me. So thank you very much for making me know you. 🙏. Grateful

😁 Let me ask officially, “CAN I HAVE YOUR NUMBER📞? Lol.

✊ Getting to know you each day 💫 brings smiles 😀 unto my face when I recall your smiling 😂 face, the face that fears not to venture. Hehe.

☎ Through phone communications natural closeness started evolving. There and then I asked 🔊“Are we friends now?” and you replied, “S3 we’re building it…… anaa?” I smiled 😄 and said “Yeah, small small.”

🙈So on this special day too I ask “CAN I BE YOUR FRIEND 👫?

🙌All your encouragements during my times of fear😧, your advice during my visa interview and your words of comfort😘 are things I cannot easily forget. I recall vividly the last conversations we had when I was still a Black Man🚶, Hahaha😂😂. At the airport✈. You hardly slept 😞 that day. Thanks for that.😘 Thanks for the song 🎵 you sent me that ⛅ dawn too. That’s your caller ringtone on my phone. Inside, I was very sad that day😫. I CHERISH every single moment of conversation we had. The pleasure was all mine. I believe that accounts for the more reason why I bother you with intermittent chats. You 👉 have become a part of me 👌.

😇I hope this 24th day of your 24th year is unforgettable for you as you get to enjoy with the ones you love far and near. Remember, I’ll be there in the heart❤; my widow’s mite. I will hope for a better tomorrow where I can be physically present to crown your happiness with more love. Though it may be long, I foresee it coming soon cos the time flies really fast. And JESUS is still KING 👋 so all things are possible.

👌Although this year’s October 24th marks a year exactly I received the aloo crown 👑from school, the joy of knowing this day marks a special day for a beloved ☝far outweighs what happened to me that day. And it is very true. Because you have made a very huge positive impact in my life. You took an initiative to help me when there was no hope. You jumped first at the opportunity to support my educational sojourn ✈cause. And for that I will never forget no matter how wide the gap becomes between us. I know in a similar or unconscious way you have touched many other lives in whatever frequency or severity that may be😊. That’s selflessness to put a smile on someone’s face. So from a heart ❤ full of gratitude 👏 and love 😍, we all say thank you very much  Sekyiwaah 👸  Madam 😘. GOD bless you. 🙏2⃣4⃣/2⃣4⃣ is very unique.

🌟No matter what pains you might have endured 😫 and still remember, I want you to please JUST WORRY ABOUT BEING HAPPY 😀😀😀😀😀😀 at least for TODAY. Because it is very true when they say that what doesn’t kill 🔫🔪📌✂you makes you stronger💪. And you are a strong 💪lady with a strong 💪 personality to be a strong 💪mum in future. It is your day☀. It’s your birthday 🎂 but the gift is mine, because we are a part of this world that looks nicer today as we celebrate another year of your existence.

✴ I’m not a good writer ✏📖 though. Forgive my grammatical errors 🈵 and inconsistencies, and my inept use of lexicons. Just trying to recall the few GRE words I picked up on the way. Lol

➡I thank 🙏GOD for your 👉 life.

A HAPPY MERRY BIRTHDAY to The Beautiful Sandra 👸. You’re such a wonderful, kind, generous, and loving person. And you’re insanely important to me. Thank you for being a special person in my life. I love your character the most. And the ‘mepaaky3w’ attitude is superb👍. Keep it up. Go you

And I’m sorry the gift I have for you is this echoes of my heart: things I think about when I recall how far we have come.

Thank you for giving me the privilege to write something to you. I will try to see if I can find some Atwea here and do some ‘kabeyying’ for you…Hehehe


This is a letter written by Ernest to  lovely Sekyiwaah  on her birthday Saturday 24th October, 2015 . I hope you enjoyed.

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