No other God

I may not know what you are going through today.

The sorrow, the hardship, the pain.

But though the mountain crumble and the oceans rage,

And war against my soul the devil may wage.

Though the tempest has turned my smile upside down,

And my life like a river of sorrow in which I drown.

Yet will I stand,

Unshaken, for as long as it last.

Faithful is He that promised and it shall come to pass.

If God be for us,

Then who can stand against us.

The God who spoke all the earth into form,

He said, let there be light,

Let it be bright.

Let there be day,

Let there be night.

Out of the sound of His voice, birds, fish and trees did come.

The mountains they melt like wax,

The hills skip like young cows.

At the sound of the voice of the God that we serve,

Our help in ages past, our hope for years to come.

Besides thee oh Lord, we have NO OTHER GOD

A piece from Nathaniel Bassey and the Lovesong’s no other God. This inspired me at 2 am today Monday 27th July 2015. Hope you are uplifted in spirit too.

Our #Godisnotdeadno other gods

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