National Service in Ghana

After about 3 months of stay at home, the time finally came in August for us who had graduated from various universities and other tertiary institutions across the country, to be posted to organizations both private and public across the entire country to serve mother Ghana.

The anxiety and nervousness that came when it was finally announced that the National service postings were here was overwhelming. Former school colleague will call to find out where who has been posted. While those who seem to have been posted to private institutions were rejoicing, others sobbed because they had been posted to some villages in places they never knew existed in Ghana. That not withstanding, others were in jubilation because they had been deployed to places like ECG ( despite the Dumsor) VRA and NPA

Then came the hectic registration at the various regions of posting. Due to the very huge number of graduates deployed across the country, the registration period saw huge turn ups in the cities and big towns like Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi only to mention a few. This process involved the provision of key information by the fresh graduates to be entered into the NSS secretariat’s data base. Some friends chose to arrive at the venue much earlier at dawn so as to beat the masses of people.

That was the beginning of what was christened as NATIONAL SUFFERING. Some had to rent their own apartment, and other had to wade through non approved path to finding their regional offices. Service to Ghana had begun. Having had to do administrative work and duties of your superiors, and as though that wasn’t enough, succumbing to the pressure of annoying bosses who will take you granted just because you had come to do voluntary work.

In the end, you were left with no choice, than to rely on insufficient and scanty government allowances of just GH 350.00 which doesnt come on time. An amount which will not suffice a kingergaten kid.Yet, here we were, hanging and desperately waiting each month for this to arrive.A few of us who were teaching assistants in the Universities engaged in “Galamsey” ie. organising extra classes and research activities for extra fee.

Currently, we have just about 3 months to the finish line and it will interest you to know that, many of us if not all, had various big ambitions and plans for the future. This ranged from enrolling in a graduate programme to travelling abroad, working for a multinational corporation and starting a business venture. As such some decided to save towards thier ambitions.

Some made certain utterances and promises, and what they would be doing with their monthly service allowances. But it is sad that, in life, sometimes things don’t turn out as planned. Here are few I compiled after listening to my friend David Gagba.
1. Some said they will spend only 2 ghana cedis everyday out of their monthly
allowances and save the rest till they finish the service.
2. Some said they will walk more to work no matter where they put them and save the money for the lorry fare.
3. Some said they will feed their entire family with their monthly allowances.
4. Some guys said they will marry with their monthly allowances.
5. Some real guys said they will do more girls because then nss has made them rich enough.
6. Some said they will save all their allowances and use it to further their
7. Some said they will make sure they get jobs before they finish the service.
8. Some said they will stop sharing the same room with their siblings and go rent their own.
9. Some said they will get their passports done and will ‘borga’ after the service.
10. Some said they will stop living in their
parent’s house and go rent a room outside
so they get their utmost privacy.
11. Some guys said they will pimp their rooms so they will throw away their box TVs and buy flat screen TVs; plasma and the rest, buy home theaters, paint their rooms, buy king-size mattresses, buy 5 star rating fridges, change room curtains, buy standing fans, change floor carpet all in an attempt to spec their rooms.
12. Some people even said they will buy cars.
13. Some said they will upgrade to iphones, Samsung galaxies and the likes.
14. Some said they buy treasury bills, shares and the likes.
15. Some girls said they will buy all set of cooking utensils.
16. The fitness dudes said they will buy dumbbells, barbells, and the likes.
17. Some said they will work hard like donkeys at their place of positing so they are retained.
18. Some girls said they will dump their boyfriends because they are also working and can feed themselves.
19. Some people said they will change their wardrobes.
20. Some said they will stop taking monies from their parents because they can feed themselves.
21. Some said they will become entrepreneurs by using their allowances to
establish small scale businesses.
Now you see your life. Only 3 months to the finish line. What have u achieved?.

I’d conclude here by adding that life isn’t a race, regardless of what your current situation is as a national service person. Do not worry too much. Find your passion and make it your profession. If you are still reading, thanks for helping me find mine and I hope you find yours soon.

Until then, see you at the top

Live, Love, Learn and Laugh

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